Auktionsergebnisse Scottsdale / Auction results Scottsdale

Die 300 SL in Scottsdale sind alle versteigert worden. Untenstehend die Auktionsergebnisse.Die Preise beinhalten die Käuferprovisionen.

Here are the results from the Scottsdale 2014 sales. All prices include buyers premium.

RM Auctions:

300 SL Roadster aus 1958 mit Trommelbremsen : 1.045.000 US$

300 SL Roadster from 1958 with drum brakes: US$ 1.045.000

1958 Roadster at RM Auctions
1958 Roadster at RM Auctions

300 SL Flügetürer aus 1956 US$ 1.292.500

300 SL Gullwing 1956  US$ 1,292,500

1956 Gullwing at RM auctions
1956 Gullwing at RM auctions

Gooding & Co.

300 SL Flügeltürer Originalzustand / 300 SL Coupe original car   –  1.897.500 US$

All original 300 SL Gullwing
All original 300 SL Gullwing

300 SL Roadster aus 1959 frisch restauriert mit Hardtop  – 1.430.000 US$

1959 300 SL Roadster with hardtop and fresh restoration  – US$ 1,430,000

300 SL Roadster from 1969
300 SL Roadster from 1969

1956 er 300 SL Flügeltürer, kürzlich restauriert – 1.402.500 US$

1956  – 300 SL Gullwing with fresh restoration – US$ 1,402,500

1956 GW freshly restored
1956 GW freshly restored

300SL Roadster aus 1960 , ältere Restaurierung mit Trommelbremsen  – 1.100.000 US$

1960 300 SL Roadster older restoration with drum brakes   – 1.100.000 US$

1960 300 SL Roadster
1960 300 SL Roadster



1960 – 300 SL Roadster mit Scheibenbremsen ausgeliefert – 1,2375 M US$

1960 –  300 SL Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams –  US$ 1.2375 M

300 SL Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams
300 SL Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams

1955 – 300 SL Flügeltürer aus 1955   – 1.078.000 US$

1955 – 300 SL  Gullwing – US$ 1,078,000

1955 Gullwing at Bonhams auction Scottsdale 2013
1955 Gullwing at Bonhams auction Scottsdale 2013

Barrett Jackson

1955 Flügeltürer 2.090.000 US$

1955 Gullwing US$ 2,090,000

1955 Gullwing @Barrett Jackson
1955 Gullwing @Barrett Jackson


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Auktionsergebnisse Scottsdale Tag 1 / auction results Scottsdale day 1

Die Auktionsergebnisse des heutigen Tages lauten für die 3 versteigerten 300 SL wie folgt:

Bonhams – 300 SL Roadster mit Scheibenbremsen ausgeliefert: 1,2375 M US$ Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams US$ 1.2375 M

300 SL Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams
300 SL Roadster with disc brakes at Bonhams

Der Flügletürer aus dem Jahre 1955 ertzielte bei Bonhams einen Preis von 1.078.000 US$ – the Gullwing at Bonhams sold for US$ 1,078,000 including buyers premium.

1955 Gullwing at Bonhams auction Scottsdale 2013
1955 Gullwing at Bonhams auction Scottsdale 2013

Der erste bei RM Auctions verkaufte 300 SL war ein Roadster aus dem Jahre 1958 mit Trommelbremsen. Er wurde für 1.045.000 US$ inclusive Aufgeld versteigert.  – The  blue 1958 Roadster with drum brakes at RM auctions sold for US$ 1,045,000 including buyers premium.

1958 Roadster at RM Auctions
1958 Roadster at RM Auctions
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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2014 Preview

1955 300 SL Gullwing
1955 300 SL Gullwing ©Barrett-JAckson

This 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing was bought new in Southern California at Mercedes-Benz of Hollywood. The original owner had the car until 1957 when he traded the car back into Mercedes-Benz of Hollywood. The second owner bought the car and had it for only 18 months. The past and final owner for 53 years bought the car on February 20, 1960 with 59,000 miles on the car. The car was bought directly from the second owner who lived in Santa Monica, CA. The third owner, who owned the car for 53 years, had the car at his home in Pleasanton, CA for 50 years and finally brought the car to Reno, NV when he moved there in 2009. The vehicle comes with its 1956 California Yellow Plate that was with the car from new, it also comes with an original pink slip that was issued by the State of California in 1960 and the Black Plate issued by the State of California in 1960. The third owner had the car from the spring of 1960 all the way until May of 2013. He confirms that in his entire 53 years of ownership he only put 6,000 miles on the car. The restoration process was started three years ago and completed approximately a year ago. All parts were supplied from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, CA who also assisted in the direction of the restoration. This 300SL was the pride and joy of the one of the earliest members to join the Gullwing group and is still an active member today. To find a car that has an impeccable history, solid ownership fact pattern, restoration just completed in the last 200 miles and in its original colors is becoming harder and harder to find. This 300SL is equipped with all matching numbers (engine, chassis, body, transmission, rear end and front axles) and its original 3-piece belly pans. All materials used in the restoration are as they were when the car was new. All materials used in the restoration are as they were when the car was new. **TITLED AS A 1956** Estimate not published

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Auction preview Scottsdale 2014 Gooding & Co.

Gooding & Co.takes 4  Mercedes-Benz 300 SL to the auction block in Scottsdale

Gooding & Co.

Scottsdale Fashion Square
4700 N. Scottsdale Road
Corner of N. Scottsdale Road and E. Highland Ave

Friday, January 17   11:00am
Saturday, January 18   11:00am

1959 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL drum brake Roadster

1959 300SL Roadster
1959 300SL Roadster © Gooding & Co.

According to existing Mercedes-Benz factory records, this 300 SL Roadster was constructed in fall 1958 – as a 1959 model – and originally finished in silver with red leather upholstery. Once completed, the 300 SL was delivered to Al Haddad Motors of Inselah, an official Mercedes-Benz dealership founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1958 and still in operation today.

In the early 1960s, the 300 SL was imported to the US and sold to a resident of Santa Barbara, California. It is believed that the car remained in California until the 1990s, when it was exported to Japan. By 2000, Motomori Tanaka of Tokyo had acquired the Mercedes-Benz and it remained in his private collection for approximately 10 years before returning to Southern California.

Shortly after its arrival, the well-kept 300 SL Roadster was sold to the current owner, a San Diego-area collector with a passion for iconic sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s. Though the Mercedes-Benz was in very presentable condition at that time, it did not satisfy the high standards of its new owner and was soon scheduled for restoration.

In 2010, the consignor commissioned Brian Anderson’s Classic European in Vista, California, to perform a full body-off, show- quality restoration that would stand up to the most stringent concours standards. Having developed a successful working relationship with Classic European preparing competitive show cars, the consignor spared no expense on this project and went to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of the 300 SL received the utmost attention. A comprehensive file of documentation supporting the exacting nature of the work performed is included with the sale of the car.

Hardtop in body color ©Gooding&Co.
Hardtop in body color ©Gooding&Co.

Refinished in the tasteful color scheme of White (DB147G) with black leather upholstery and desirably outfitted with European headlights, a factory hardtop, an optional Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel, a Becker Mexico radio, and custom-trimmed fitted luggage, this 300 SL has a marvelous period- correct appearance that is at once elegant, sporting, and understated. The accompanying tool kit, jack, owner’s manual, Becker radio instruction manual, spare parts list, first aid box, engine-bay work light, and factory sales brochure are important additions that further underscore the impressive attention to detail that has gone into this car’s exquisite presentation.

Since the restoration was completed in April 2012, the 300 SL has garnered significant accolades on the show circuit, testifying to the quality and accuracy of the work performed. During its debut showing, at the 2012 La Jolla Motor Car Classic, the 300 SL Roadster captured a First in Class award, defeating an impressive selection of entrants. From there, the car was displayed at the 2012 Gull Wing Group National Convention in Palm Springs, where it achieved an impressive Second Place in the highly competitive Show Roadster Division. The only other concours outing for this expertly restored 300 SL took place in August 2012 at the Quail Motorsports Gathering in Carmel Valley.

In the care of the current owner, the 300 SL has been driven approximately 100 miles and meticulously maintained in show-ready condition. Brilliantly restored, authentically detailed, and immaculate in every respect, this is a truly outstanding representative of the legendary 300 SL Roadster. A stately presence on any show field, it is sure to find further success at the most prestigious concours d’elegance as well as marque gatherings.

Though this 300 SL is sure to remain a sensational concours display for many years to come, it should not be forgotten that these Mercedes-Benz are true driver’s cars, eligible for the very best tours and rallies. The fuel- injected straight six delivers a seamless rush of acceleration accompanied by a mechanical symphony and the pure, visceral experience of open motoring. It is in high-speed touring that the 300 SL Roadster really comes alive, and it would make a fabulous choice for events such as the Colorado Grand and the Copperstate 1000, where, on long sweeping sections and challenging mountain passes, driver and passenger can enjoy vintage grand touring at its finest. EST: 1 M- 1.3M US$


1956 Mercdes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

1956 Gullwing all original @Gooding&Co.
1956 Gullwing all original @Gooding&Co.

On April 16, 1957, the completed 300 SL was shipped to Los Angeles, and subsequently delivered to its first owner, William “Ike” Eichelkraut, a Northrop Grumman engineer then living in nearby Inglewood. After several years in his care, Mr. Eichelkraut sold the Gullwing to Daniel Jampol, a North Hollywood enthusiast who owned at least five 300 SLs during the early 1960s.

In 1965, Robert Robar of Van Nuys acquired the used 300 SL and, like many California- based Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, became a member of the Gull Wing Group. After enjoying the 300 SL for the better part of a decade, Mr. Robar decided to retire the car to his home garage, though he continued to pay registration fees through 1983.

Recently discovered after 30 years in total seclusion, this highly original 300 SL is a most remarkable find.

Virtually untouched since its original delivery in 1957, the Gullwing possesses a fantastic time-warp appeal. According to the consignor, the vast majority of the patinated black paintwork is the original factory-applied finish, with a few minor areas of blending and touch-up evident. Similarly, the interior is factory original, from the cracked red leather upholstery to the distressed, hanging headliner. The engine bay retains nearly all of the important ancillary components and, most significantly, the original chassis and engine stampings – along with the factory data tags affixed to the firewall – appear clear and undisturbed. In the trunk, the original tool roll and side-window storage bag are present, as is an ancient Michelin X spare.

As original as it gets @Gooding&Co.
As original as it gets @Gooding&Co.

Attesting to the car’s long-term Los Angeles- area provenance are several charming details, such as the California Highway Patrol inspection sticker (with an expiration date of December 1975) as well as the original blue and yellow California license plate “G 300SL” with its Gull Wing Group accessory frame.

Given its rare factory color scheme and well- documented history, this matching-numbers Gullwing is a deserving candidate for either a high-point concours restoration or a sympathetic recommission. Whatever the future holds in store for this unique 300 SL, its current presentation is sure to appeal to those with a reverence for unrestored automobiles and it is virtually guaranteed to draw a receptive audience wherever it is seen.

This is a Mercedes-Benz with tremendous appeal to those with the most discriminating tastes. Significant 1950s sports cars in this condition do not come along very often, and with the passing years it is increasingly unlikely that very many wonderfully original 300 SLs will remain to be found.

For the collector who has been searching for an essentially untouched Gullwing that wears its history with pride, this is the chance of a lifetime. EST: 1.1 M – 1.4 M US$

1956 Gullwing – freshly restored

Black 1956 Gullwing - recently restored ©Gooding&Co.
Black 1956 Gullwing – recently restored ©Gooding&Co.

A three owners from new, this Gullwing has been carefully maintained and loved since the day it was delivered to a Toronto family. Remaining in this ownership from 1957 until 2006, it had covered a mere 56,000 miles at the time it was sold to its second caretaker. This enthusiast was thrilled with his purchase, which was still wearing its original finishes of red paint with green tartan cloth interior.

This 300 SL Gullwing was determined by its solid condition and history to be a perfect candidate for a thorough, top-quality restoration. An irreplaceable file of paperwork, dating back to 1957, documents its low mileage and maintenance from its earliest days. Its decades of respectful, sparing use and fastidious upkeep has preserved the Gullwing like few others.

In 2007, the Gullwing was brought to RM Auto Restorations shop in Ontario, Canada, for a complete restoration. The work involved the removal of the body from the tube-frame chassis and both were fully restored. Examination confirmed that the Mercedes-Benz’s body was straight and solid, save for some minor corrosion in the lower sections. Further, the engine was completely inspected and repaired as required and the suspension was overhauled.

New belly pans were made for the 300 SL, and all trim items were refinished. The original color scheme was changed to the dramatic black (DB 40) exterior with red leather expertly sewn and fitted into the cockpit. The restoration of the car’s innumerable small parts are chronicled by hundreds of photographs as is the final assembly. A series of images of the gleaming body being reinstalled on the restored chassis recalls the treasured factory photographs of the 300 SL assembly line. The spectacular results of the multi-thousand hour effort are immediately apparent upon inspection. This is without a doubt one of the most attractive, well-finished, and correct Gullwings in existence today.

Black Beauty @Gooding& Co.
Black Beauty @Gooding& Co.

This Mercedes-Benz had traveled only 150 miles before it passed into the hands of its third custodian in mid-2011. Since then, it has seen 1,000 miles pass, reaching a total of just over 57,000 miles from new. The consignor has shown the Gullwing in concours competition just once – the only time it has appeared since the completion of the restoration. That appearance, in a special class of 300 SL Gullwings and Roadsters at the 2012 San Marino Concours d’Elegance in California resulted in a Best in Class prize among formidable competition.

During the current stewardship, the Gullwing has been expertly maintained by noted Mercedes-Benz 300 SL specialist Rene Luteraan in Van Nuys, California, who has thoroughly sorted the car post-restoration. Today the Mercedes-Benz remains outstanding in appearance – beautifully maintained and fastidiously cared for – showing little evidence of use. Its presentation is as well suited for leading concours events as it is for high-speed touring or rallying.

On a recent extended drive, the Gullwing was found to perform extremely well, exhibiting smooth power at all speeds, confident braking, and outstanding road manners. The legendary engineering of the 300 SL is most apparent in this finely prepared example. This 300 SL Gullwing will undoubtedly provide its next owner, just its fourth in 57 years, the rare opportunity to own one of the very best of the best. EST: 1.35 – 1.7 M US$


1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

This striking 1960 300 SL benefits from caring owners, high-quality maintenance by respected specialists, and an older restoration that continues to present well. Notable among its former owners is Ned Stone Tanen, the legendary Hollywood studio executive, who acquired the 300 SL in late 1987 at the pinnacle of his career. A driving force at MCA Records, which signed Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Olivia Newton-John, Mr. Tanen went on to head production of such hits as Jaws, The Deer Hunter, and Animal House at MCA’s Universal division. Mr. Tanen left Universal in the early 1980s to form Channel Productions, from which John Hughes’ “Brat Pack” classics Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club emanated. Going from strength to strength, Mr. Tanen became president of Paramount’s movie division in 1985 and under him, yet another succession of hits followed including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Fatal Attraction, and Children of a Lesser God.

1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster ©Gooding&Co.
1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster ©Gooding&Co.

Mr. Tanen clearly enjoyed his SL and under him, it was carefully maintained. In 1995, Hjeltness Restoration of Escondido, California, refinished the exterior paint and repaired both the fuel- level gauge and heater. In 2007, the respected European-car specialists at West Los Angeles’ Sehmi Motors replaced the trunk and tonneau- cover seals, repaired the radio and clock, re-chromed the bumpers, tuned the engine, repaired the fuel pump, and replaced the tie rods. Next in 2008, Van Nuys Sports Cars of Sherman Oaks cleaned the fuel injectors, reconditioned the intake manifold, and replaced the water pump.

After Mr. Tanen’s passing in 2009, his remarkable automobile collection was gradually sold by his estate and the 300 SL, along with a Shelby 289 Cobra and Ferrari 275 GTB, were purchased by a highly selective California collector. The 300 SL was maintained for him in “ready-to-go” status by Jack Bianchi, the noted Santa Barbara-area sports car mechanic, who fitted a correct and hard-to-find white factory steering wheel to replace the Nardi wheel that was in place under Mr. Tanen. The 300 SL was acquired by the consignor in August 2012 and retains its original manuals and warranty cards, including the original tire warranty, plus a complete tool kit. The radio is the preferred Becker Le Mans unit.

Red with tan interior ©Gooding&Co.
Red with brown interior ©Gooding&Co.

A matching-numbers example of one of the most desirable and respected sporting machines ever conceived, this 1960 300 SL clearly continues to benefit from excellent care and maintenance, representing a strong and highly enjoyable touring and event car. With timeless, instantly recognizable styling, and race-bred technical specifications, it will continue to thrill its next owner and take pride of place in the finest of collections. EST:800,000 US$ – 1,000,000 US$


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Auktionsüberblick / auction preview Scottsdale 2014 – RM Auctions & Bonhams

RM Auctions 16 & 17 Januar

Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa
2400 East Missouri Avenue
Arizona 85016

Donnerstag / Thursday, January 16, 2014 –  5:00 pm MST
Freitag / Friday, January 17, 2014  – 5:00 pm MST

RM Auctions versteigert einen Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Flügeltürer aus dem Jahre 1955, sowie einen Roadster aus dem Jahre 1956. Das Fahrzeug in diesem Jahre auf dem Turiner Automobilsalon ausgestellt und hat Rudge Räder. Das Fahrzeug wurde in silber mit rotem Leder ausgeliefert. Das Fahrzeug hat 4 Vorbesitzer und ist zur Zeit mit Sitzen aus dem 300 SL Roadster ausgestattet. Es verfügt über eine ältere Restaurierung. Die Preiserwartung liegt zwischen 1,1 und 1,4 Millionen US$.

1955 GULLWing at RM Aucions Scottsdale ©RM Auctions
1956 GullWing at RM Aucions Scottsdale ©RM Auctions

The 300 SL Gullwing auctioned by RM was on display at the 1956 Turin International Automobile Salon. According to its Mercedes-Benz Classic Center data card, an English translation of which is in included in the file, it was originally displayed in Silver Grey Metallic (180), with special-order red leather interior (1079) and arguably the most desirable factory option, that of Rudge wheels. The car has 4 prior owners and is presently fitted with 300 Sl Roadster seats. The car shows an older restoration and has an estimate of 1.1 – 1.4 M US$.

Interior with Roadster seats
Interior with Roadster seats  ©RMAuctions

Der zweite 300 SL ist ein Roadster aus dem Jahre 1958, der in hell blau (DB334) mit rotem Leder ausgeliefert wurde. Das Fahrzeug wurde von Rudy & Co. in Kanada Restauriert. Die Preiserwartung liegt zwischen 850 T US$ und 1,05m US$.

Medoim Blue 300 SL Roadster
Light Blue 300 SL Roadster ©RMAuctions

The second 300 SL at RM Auctions is a 1958 drum brake example in DB334 light blue over red leather 1079. The car shows its original color combination and was restored by model experts Rudy & Co. in Canada. The estimate is 850k  – 1.05 M US$.

DB344 with red interior
DB344 with red interior ©RMAuctions

Bonhams 16. Januar Westin Scottsdale

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
6902 East Greenway Parkway
Scottsdale AZ 85254


Das Auktionshaus Bonhams versteigert einen Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Flügeltürer aus dem Jahre 1955 in silber mit blauem Leder. Ursprünglich in Mittelblau ausgeliefert, wurde das Auto im letzten Jahr nach einer langjährigen Restauration bei Hjetlness in Kalifornien feriggestellt. Die Preiserwartung liegt bei 1.1 – 1.4 M US$

Silver 1955 Gullwing
Silver 1955 Gullwing @Bonhams


This original U.S. supplied Gullwing was completed on August 25, 1955 and shipped to New York. As supplied new it wore Medium Blue Paint (code DB350) and was trimmed in light grey leather. Being a later series car it benefited as new from the ATE brake booster, and is known to have carried the stock 3.64 rear axle ratio.

The Gullwing registry confirms that the Mercedes spent most of its early years in New York state, former owners being listed as David Todd of New York, and Martin Alperstein of Fishkill, New York, Alperstein being well known in SCCA circles for racing an MG TC. Later the car would pass to Richard M. Mills of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. By 2001, the car was with Jack Kaufman in Los Angeles from whom the present owner acquired the car, which became part of his collection of noteworthy Post-WWII sports cars. At this stage its odometer stated that the car had covered around 39,834 miles, which it was thought could easily have been from new.

Over the course of the last 12 years the Mercedes has been steadily refurbished and improved, while its mileage has risen to a still modest 41,822. Today, it sports the reverse of its original livery, conforming more to the benchmark guise for these cars and that which they had campaigned the prototype racers, being Silver Grey. It is immaculately presented aesthetically having just received a complete strip and repaint by Pollock Automotive Restoration of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This silver hue is well offset with lustrous deep blue leather upholstery, and has a new headliner also installed by Pollock.

Black Gullwing interior
Black Gullwing interior @Bonhams

Early on in this ownership it was sent to esteemed Gullwing restorers Hjeltness Restorations of Escondido, California who carried out a major engine service, and rebuilt the brakes, master cylinder and brake booster, enabling the car to be usable and reliable. At the same time the correct rubber foot well mats were sourced and fitted as was a Talbot external mirror. In addition the engine has been completely rebuilt at the hands of another renowned expert for the model, Ed Tatios of Mike Tillson Motorcar Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and only 200 miles have been covered since.

Fresh from its recent refurbishment, the 300SL was shown last Fall at the Radnor Hunt Concours, the St. Michaels Concours d’Elegance, and Kiawah Island Motoring Retreat, where it drew much attention. Shod with a fresh set of Dunlop tires and complete with a tool kit and manuals, the car is ready to be presented at other similar events or else enjoyed on the road.

Just shy of the 60th anniversary of that New York Auto Show debut, the popularity of the iconic Gullwing has arguably never been stronger, this on-the-button example is a great way to sample that legend. The estimate is 1.1 – 1.4 M US$


1960 Roadster

Als zweiten 300 SL bringt Bonhams ainen Roadster mit Hardtop auf den Auktionsblock. Bei diesem Fahrzeug handelt es sich um einen frühen mit Scheibenbremsen rundum ausgestatteten Wagen  aus dem Jahre 1960. dass seit Auslieferung diurch das Werk erst 49.000 Meilen zurückgelegt hat. Der Roadster ist in Grapghitgrau  mit rotem Leder ausgeliefert worden. Im Rahmen einer Restauration im Jahre 1991 wurde das Auto in Rot umlackiert und erhielt eine beigefarbene Innenausstattung.Die Preiserwartung liegt bei 1 – 1.25 M US$

Disc brake Roadster @Bonhams
Disc brake Roadster @Bonhams

Late 1960 Roadster with disc brakes

This 300SL has a carefully documented ownership history that is known from new. Originally purchased by Don Youngblood of Chicagoland suburb Park Ridge, Illinois through Martin Loeber & Sons (now Loeber Motors), this car was constructed at the end of 1960 and delivered in January of 1961; it was the fifteenth 300SL to be fitted with 290mm disc brakes on all four corners. Finished in the fetching combination of Graphite Grey over Red leather with a Black convertible top, the original build sheet that accompanies the car indicates that Mr. Youngblood ticked the boxes for the optional Becker Mexico Radio and automatic antenna. Additionally, a fitted hardtop was purchased with the car—no doubt a concession for when Chicago’s notoriously cold weather arrived. The original invoice shows the total coming to $12,010.49.

Mr. Youngblood meticulously maintained the car at Loeber throughout his ownership with the receipts still on file to prove it. In November 1963, Judge H.R. Stoffels bought the Roadster with 11,325 miles on the clock. Judge Stoffels, a fellow Park Ridge resident whose home was only a mile and a half from Mr. Youngblood’s, likely saw the car in the neighborhood and eventually came to own it. Continuing the careful maintenance and record keeping that the first owner had done, service continued to be completed by Loeber until the Judge’s untimely death in late August of 1966.

Records next show the car with Sheldon Zimmerman of Northbrook, Illinois by April of 1969 with 27,241 miles on the odometer.  However, the Roadster only remained with Sheldon for a brief span of time before finding its way to Tucson resident Gerald ‘Jerry’ Zimmerman. Now out of the harsh climate in Chicago, the Benz could enjoy the dry, sunny desert of Arizona. Zimmerman continued to keep close records of the car’s maintenance, with invoices for everything from oil changes to regular service being retained—just as the prior owners had done.

Tan Interior @Bonhams
Tan Interior @Bonhams

When the Roadster moved to its fourth owner, Carson ‘Jack’ Lee of Tempe, Arizona, in 1972, it had 33,000 miles on the odometer. Little record is retained of Mr. Lee’s ownership, but it is known that on January 10th, 1978 Tom Congleton of Mission Hills, Kansas brought the car to the Midwest for a decade. Shortly after purchasing the Roadster, Mr. Congleton changed the interior color to its current Saddle Tan leather. In 1988, the car was acquired by the current vendor.

Carefully maintained its whole life, the decision was made to do a complete, concours-quality restoration on the less than 45,000 miles-from-new 300SL starting in August of 1991. The no-expense-spared operation was carried out by the very well-regarded marque specialist Bob Platz of Automotive Restorations in East Camden, New Jersey. Over the course of two and a half years, nearly $350,000 was spent to bring the Roadster back to as-new condition with a careful eye for correctness and original details. The complete restoration from its very beginning to its ultimate completion in April of 1994 is extensively detailed in the 176 pages of invoices, receipts, and restoration photos that accompany the, which are available for perusal.

Now finished in Fire Engine Red over Tan, the 300SL has been methodically cared for since completion and a successful participant in the Copperstate 1000. Still showing very well with its original hardtop, fitted luggage, tool roll, owner’s manual, and fewer than 47,000 miles accumulated since it left the factory in Stuttgart, the Roadster’s top quality restoration has retained much of its luster over the last two decades but has mellowed to a point where one may drive and enjoy the Roadster without worry.

Optional Hardtop included
Optional Hardtop included @Bonhams

A welcome entrant to any number of highly sought after events, this beautiful disc brake and hardtop example is ready for a new home after a quarter century of careful upkeep, fastidious documentation and a restoration that, when carried out, cost twice what it took to buy a 300SL Roadster. Estimate 1 – 1.25 M US$

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Rétromobile Paris 5 – 9 February 2014

38 years of passion and dreams –  Rétromobile in Paris

From February 5 to 9, 2014 once again the classic car season takes off in Europe with the Retromobile in Paris. Linking the past and the future, Rétromobile rises to the challenge of providing an exciting and fascinating event for vintage car enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

Emblematic collectors, extreme auctions, indoor and outdoor events, clubs, automakers, artists and vendors: all contribute to making these 5 days a very special experience.

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
1 place de la Porte de Versailles
75015 Paris

Rétromobile website

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Patrick Rollet neuer F.I.V.A. Präsident / Patrick Rollet new president of F.I.V.A.

Neuer Präsident der FIVA – Patrick Rollet

Patrick Rollet, President of FIVA
Patrick Rollet, President of FIVA

Auf der jährlichen Hauptversammlung des Oldtimer-Weltverbands FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) haben die Delegierten aus über 60 Ländern am 16. November 2013 in Split/Kroatien einen neuen Präsidenten gewählt.
Patrick Rollet (Bild im Anhang) aus Frankreich erzielte mit seiner Präsentation eine deutliche Zustimmung und erhielt die meisten Stimmen für seine Kandidatur.

Der bisherige Präsident Horst Brüning hatte dieses höchste Amt in der FIVA seit Ende 2007 inne und konnte gemäß Satzung nicht erneut für das Präsidentenamt kandidieren. Während seiner zweimaligen Präsidentschaft hat der in Schweden lebende Deutsche einen großen Schwerpunkt auf das Wachstum der FIVA gesetzt. Mit ihm wurde der Verband zu einem richtigen Weltverband, denn bis dahin waren Länder wie beispielsweise USA, Russland oder China nicht in der FIVA vertreten. Auch die Anzahl der Mitglieder konnte in den letzten Jahren nahezu vervierfacht werden – der Weltverband zählt derzeit weltweit 1,6 Mio. registrierte Mitglieder. Die Delegierten sprachen einen großen Dank auf die Verdienste von Herrn Brüning aus.

Patrick Rollet wird den bereits begonnenen Prozess der Professionalisierung fortsetzen und die Bedeutung des Weltverbands in der Oldtimerszene weiter stärken. Der Franzose war viele Jahre aktives Mitglied in verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen der FIVA. Nicht zuletzt aufgrund seiner früheren Aufgabe als FIVA Vizepräsident für Strategie bringt Patrick Rollet eine große Erfahrung in sein Amt ein.

FIVA welcomes Patrick Rollet as new President of FIVA

Delegates from 54 countries gathered from November 14th to 16th  in Split (Croatia) to attend the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) Commissions’ meetings and the General Assembly. The FIVA has the declared objective of preserving the rights of its member organisations around the globe to use yesterday’s vehicles on tomorrow’s roads.

The main agenda item of the event was the election of the new President.  Out of four candidates, Patrick Rollet (F), was elected as the new President of FIVA for the next three years. He succeeds Horst Brüning (S) who will be remembered as the president who globalised FIVA with the recruitment of countries such as the USA, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Serbia has been the most recent nation to join FIVA.  Consequentially, 64 countries are now members of this worldwide organization which represents more than 1.500.000 individual historic vehicle enthusiasts.

FIVA was incorporated in 1966 and has determined that it needs a more modern and professional structure for the future. The FIVA members accepted the plan for this presented by Bernhard Kaluzza who proposed a completely new FIVA structure to take effect from the next General Assembly meeting in November 2014.

On the political side, FIVA has reinforced its legislative action this year to ensure that “yesterday’s vehicles can use tomorrow’s roads” and has, for example, successfully lobbied the European Parliament to include an amendment to the new Roadworthiness Testing Directive.

The Legislation Commission, chaired by Tiddo Bresters (NL), is preparing to carry out a new Socio-Economic Research Project which will be launched in March 2014.  The last survey organized by FIVA was in 2006 and needs to be updated.

FIVA wants to promote itself as a cultural organization and therefore seeks recognition from UNESCO as an INGO (International Non- Governmental Organization).  This is the next step after the creation of the Charter of Turin presented earlier this year in Stuttgart. A working Group under the lead of Thomas Kohler (CH) is pursuing this objective.

The General Assembly thanked Tony Davies (GB) who for the past six years has held the challenging portfolio of Trade and Skills. He has carried out surveys and has lobbied other FIVA members to take action in preserving the traditional skills, restoring, repairing and archiving all aspects related to the historic vehicle movement.  His successor is Jos Theuns (NL), who was a member of the working group and he will continue to build on the foundations Tony laid.

Mark Gessler (USA), Vice President Technical, presented initial ideas for a new FIVA Technical Code to be implemented in 2015.  The Digital Library and scanning of the issued FIVA ID Cards is still in progress.

The Events Commission of FIVA, chaired by George Ioannides (CY), is considering the future of events.  Due to the economicl situation in most countries, fewer events are being placed on the FIVA Events Calendar.

Carlos Scosceria, Director South America, reported on the excellent cooperation between the countries in this part of the world. He has piloted the model of having FIVA ambassadors covering a region and in the near future, FIVA will replicate this model, appointing ambassadors for Asia and the Middle-East.

Not only cars were discussed in Croatia. Palmino Poli (I) reported on the first international Motorcycle Week in June 2013 and the success of the FIVA World Rally for Motorcycles.

2014 will be a special year for our utilitarian and military vehicles.  Renato Pujatti (I), Director Utilitarian Vehicles, will promote FIVA during the commemoration of the Normandy Landings in June 2014.

FIVA has a triple ‘P’ mission : Protection, Promotion and Preservation.  Promotion is the responsibility of our Director Communication, Peeter Henning (B), who presented the new internet homepage which will be launched very soon with several innovations such as links, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

There were many positive outcomes from the 2013 General Assembly and the new FIVA President Patrick Rollet closed the international assembly expressing his intention to lead  FIVA into the future as a truly professional organisation.

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RM Auctions Art of the Automobile in NYC at Sotheby’s

300 SL Roadster erzielt Rekordpreis bei New Yorker Auktion am 21.11.2013

"Blue eyes" 1960 Roadster
“Blue eyes” 1960 Roadster

Die am Donnerstagnachmittag des 21.11.2013  in New York von RM Auctions zusammen mit Sotheby’s erstmals durchgeführte Auktion “The Art of Automobile”wurde gespannt erwartet. Das Auktionshaus um Gründer Rob Myers wagte erstmals den Schritt Oldtimer im Rahmen einer Auktion in Verbindung wie Kunstwerken zu versteigern. Der Auktionsraum war mit über 900 Interessierten gefüllt. Unter anderem kamen auch zwei Mercedes-Benz 300 SL zur Auktion. Als Lot no. 109 wurde ein mittelblau metallic farbener (DB396) Roadster aus dem Jahre 1960 mit cremefarbenem interieur versteigert.

1960 Roadster
1960 drum brake Roadster with Rudge lookalike hubcaps

Das Auto ist bei 300 SL Kennern bekannt, da es an zahlreichen Concours d’Elegance Veranstaltungen teilgenommnen hat. Unter anderem hat es nach einer Teilnahme am Concours  im Kalifornischen “The Quail” 2010, beim Concours in Amelia Island 2011 und vielen weiteren Veranstaltungeneinen Klassensieg errungen. Es handelt sich um ein ausnehmend schönes Exemplar mit Hardtop in Wagenfarbe metallic sowie vielen Extras, wie Koffersatz, originalem Werkzeug und Handbüchern sowie Radio und den seltenen “Zentralverschluss look” Radkappen. Der Rekordpreis von 1,65 Millionen US$ ist der höchste Preis, der jemals für einen 300 SL Roadster mit Trommelbremsen erzielt wurde und lag deutlich über dem Estimate. Dieses Ergebnis belegt erneut, das Autos mit guter Geschichte aussergewöhnlich hohe Preise erzielen können.

Max Girardo Auctioneer of RM Auctions
Max Girardo Auctioneer of RM Auctions selling the Gullwing

Als zweites Fahrzeug der Baureihe Mercedes-Benz  300 SL kam ein Flügeltürer aus dem Jahre 1955 in hellgrün metallic mit rotem Leder zum Aufruf. Diese originale Farbkombination ist relativ selten. Der Flügeltürer war unrestauriert, der Lack und das Leder wurden jedoch vor einigen Jahren in der originalen Farbkombination erneuert. Der Zuschlag erfolgte bei einem Höchstegebot von 1,15 Mio US$, was einem Endpreis von 1.265.000 US$ inclusive Aufgeld entspricht.

1955 Gullwing in light green metallic
1955 Gullwing in light green metallic

300 SL drum brake Roadster sells for record price at RM auctions in New York.

RM auctions headed into a new direction  with their sales  “The art of Automobiles” at Sotheby’s New York Headquarter on november 21, 2013. Again many world record prices were achieved. The idea of treating rare vintage automobiles like art was a huge success. Over 900 people were in the audience  One of the cars for sale was a beautiful 1960 300 SL Roadster with matching Harddtop in middle blue metallic (DB396) with tan leather, a two owner car that was restored a few years ago.

Light blue metallic 1960 drum brake Roadster
Blue eyes at RM auctions New York

Well known in the US 300 SL scene, “blue eyes” was shown at many concourses over the last years and won some remarkable prices such as first in class at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and many others. The factory options and accessories that are still with the car, such as original luggage, toolkit and manuals, rudhge look hubcaps and Radio, obviously benefitted the sale. The hammer price of 1.5 M US$ exceeded the estimate by approx 10% and the new owner had to pay 1.65 M US$ including buyers premium to take the car home.

1955 Gullwing in light green metallicThe second 300 SL for sale was a light green over red 1955 Gullwing. The car was never taken apart but had been repainted and received a new interior over the years. The sales price was 1.265 M US$ including premium.




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Mille Miglia 2014 updates

Mille Miglia mit neuer Route in 2014

1708 Km, 74 Sonderprüfungen und 6 Durchschnittsprüfungen

Die Mille Miglia erhält im Jahre 2014 einen neuen Streckenverlauf und eine zusätzliche Übernachtung. Am Donnerstag, den 15. Mai führt sie zunächst bei einer Gesamtfahrzeit von 5 Stunden und 228 km Strecke über Desenzano, Verona, Vicenza und Bassano del Grappa nach nach Padua und schließlich zum Übernachtungsort Thermae Aabano Montegrotto. Am Freitagmorgen, bei insgesamt 15:30 Fahrzeit und 710 km Strecke geht es zunächst nach San Marino, dann nicht wie in den vergangenen Jahren ins landesinnere, sondenr der Adriatischen Küste entlang bis Loreto  dann  über L’Aquila richtung Rom, wo der Tag seinen Abschluß findet. Am Samstag werden in 13:30 Stunden 552 KM zurückgelegt, wobei der Streckenverlauf traditionell über Viterbo, Radicofani Buonconvento und Siena führt. Dann jedoch geht es ostwärts Richtung Volterra und Lucca und Pisa bevor es über die Futa und Raticosa Pässen Richtung Bologna geht, wo die Tagesetappe ihr Ende findet und die Besatzungen inm Stadtzentrum übernachten. Am Sonntag Morgen werden die restlichen 218 KM über Modena, Reggio Emilia, sowie Maontove, – dem Geburtsort Tazio Nuvolaris –  gefahren und das Erste Fahrzeug sollte Planmässig um 11:30 in Brescia eintreffen. Die Siegerehrung wird am Nachmittag stattfinden. Die Gesamtstrecke beträgt 1708km.

Was die technischen Aspekte angeht, so erhöht sich die Zahl der Sonderprüfungen auf 74, ausserdem werden 6 Schnittprüfungen durchgeführt, bei dem ein Geschwindigkeitsschnitt exakt gehalten werden muss.

Mille Miglia with new route in 2014

1708 kilometres total, 80 special stages and 6average speed trials

On Thursday evening, the cars will leave as usual and make their way to Vicenza. From there, they will head North to Marostica and Bassano del Grappa, then on to Padova and Thermae Abano Montegrotto for a night’s rest.  On the morning of Friday, 16th May they will head south to San Marino and then, unlike in previous years, not head inland but continue to Riccione and follow the Adriatic highway south to Loreto. Then on to L’Aquila, a city badly hit by an earthquake in 2009, in a gesture of solidarity with the local population which still suffers from the effects of this catastrophe.  The second day on the road will come to a close in the heart of Rome. On Saturday, 17th May the cars will take the traditional route northwards to Ronciglione, Viterbo, Radicofani and Siena – places inextricably linked with the Mille Miglia and beloved of participants and spectators alike. Then eastwards to Volterra, Lucca and Pisa before heading over the Futa Pass and Raticosa Pass and down to Bologna, where the crews will take a well-earned rest in the city centre. On the morning of Sunday, 18th May the cars will leave on an unprecedented fourth leg of the journey. Driving through Modena, Reggio Emilia and then on to Mantova, the birthplace of Tazio Nuvolari, they will cross the finishing line in Brescia just before lunch and receive their awards in the afternoon. The total distance driven will be 1,708 kilometres.

As far as the technical aspects go, the number of time trials goes up to 74. Furthermore, after more than ten years, the average-speed navigation trials return to the Mille Miglia. Six such trials – requiring the compatitor to cruise at a constant speed – will be a feature of the race in 2014.



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