300 SL Don Davis RM Auctionsergebnisse / Auction results

RM Auctions versteigerte am 27.4.2013  zwei 300 SL Roadster und einen Flügeltürer am 27.4.2013 in Texas.

Bei der Versteigerung der Don Davis Sammlung durch RM Auctions, in Fort Worth Texas, kamen zwei Roadster und ein Flügeltürer zum Aufruf.

Der 1955er Flügeltürer wurde ab Werk mit Rudge Felgen an einen Piloten der US Air Force ausgeliefert, der Medizin studierte und später Fliegerarzt wurde. Das Fahrzeug zeigt eine ältere Restaurierung und hatte insgesamt drei Vorbesitzer.  Die Preiserwartung lag zwischen 900.000 US$ und 1.2 Mio US$.  Der Flügeltürer wurde für 1.2375 Mio US$ incl. Aufgeld verkauft.


Der erste der beiden Roadster ist ein originaler Scheibenbremser Roadster aus dem Jahre 1961 mit Hardtop. Es handelt sich um eine US-Version, die später auf Euro-look umgerüstet wurde. Die Preiserwartung lag zwischen 700.000 und 900.000 US$. Der Verkaufspreis inclusive Provision war 935.000 US$.


Der zweite Roadster 300 SL Roadster der Kollektion stammt aus dem Jahre 1957 und hat die USA nicht verlassen. Das Fahrzeug hatte mehrere Besitzer in den USA und verfügt immer noch über das erste Leder. Die Preiserwartung lag zwischen 700.000 US$ und 900.000 US$, der Roadster wurde für 770.000 US$ inclusive Aufgeld versteigert.


Three 300 SLs were auctioned during RM’s Don Davis sale at Fort Worth TX on april 27

1955 Gullwing with factory Rudge wheels

The original owner, Alex Locke, was a U.S. Air Force jet pilot who went on to study medicine at Stanford University and eventually became a flight surgeon and, ultimately, a practicing physician in the Sacramento, California, area. While on active duty with the Air Force, he acquired the 300SL from a Fresno, California, dealer circa 1957, seen on the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) as a dealer demonstrator, to become its first registered owner. It was factory-equipped with desirable Rudge “knock off” wheels, and the optional “sport” camshaft (with the corresponding fuel-pump governor and ignition timing upgrades) is believed to have been dealer-installed in period, as was often the case. Engines equipped with these options from the factory were designated NSL to denote that they were sonderteile or “special parts”-specification units. The car retains these components today, as well as its original belly pans, which are rarely preserved. The Gullwing was fully restored ini Mr. Davis’ ownership.

This three-owner 300SL retains its original Rudge wheels, restored belly pans, fitted luggage, and its higher-output “sport” camshaft. Estimate was 900,000 – 1.2M US$ and car sold for 1.2375 M US$

1961 300 SL Roadster  – disc brakes and factory Hardtop

The 1961 model is a factory equipped disc brake version with factory Hardtop. Built in March 1961, it was built to United States specification, but it was later updated to the appearance of a European-delivery example with the desirable one-piece “bubble” headlamps, and it was restored in black with grey leather seats and a black cloth top. , most impressively. odometer shows just over 50,000 kilometers. The car is equipped with an aircondition. The estimate was 700,000 – 900,000 US$, the car sold for 935,000 US$ including buyers premium.
 1957 300 SL Roadster – original leather

This Roadster had 5 prior owners. It still carries its original leather. The car has been repainted at some point. According to The Roadster Registry, this car’s early owners were Stephen R. Johnson, Frank C. Beacham, and Per Soholm. There are no dates assigned to these three owners, so it is possible that this early ownership is complete. The car was owned by Ken Novarr, of Dallas, Texas, from approximately 1974–1989. During this period, the car was enjoyed by Novarr extensively, as indicated by the file that contains a copious number of service invoices. Interestingly, these invoices span the entire length of Novarr’s ownership, indicating that the car was serviced on a regular basis. It most recently spent some time with an owner in Massachusetts before joining the Davis Collection. The odometer shows just uner 98,000 miles. EST 700,000 – 900,000 US$. Car sold for 770,000 US$ including buyers commission.

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